Legend has it, that Greek god Dionysus was the Olympian god of wine, vegetation, pleasure, festivity, madness and wild frenzy.

An epicure of fine wine and the master of theatre and party, Dionysus in the inspiration behind KoOKyLoCO. Our fully immersive events, bring people together in a fun and wacky way, encompassing love, friendship, happiness and most of all fun.


kookyloco masquerade glitter carnival edition
Bank Holiday Sunday 26th August will see the KoOKyLoCo Masquerade Glitterball - Carnival Edition at the Tropicana Beach Club (London). We've been waiting for the SUN all year and whether or not you plan on heading to Notting Hill Carnival this year, the KoOKyLoCo Masquerade Glitterball is going to be the wildest Carnival...



An event like no other. KoOKyLoCo brought its Masquerade Glitterball to the Tropicana Beach Club. What happened on the night? The KoOKyLoCo Masquerade Glitterball is the favourite among our guests. We pump 50 kilos of confetti throughout the night along with balloon drops, free glitter & gem makeup from the angels at ShineShack and we...